Sustainability Report 2015-2016

LUKOIL is one of the world’s largest public vertically integrated oil and gas companies.

>30 countries
>60 regions of Russia


A strong resource base
Efficient management
Diversified assets
New high-margin projects
16.4 billion boe SEC proved reserves
2.5 trillion rubles LUKOIL capitalization as of the end of 2016 (record high)
105.5 thousand people average number of employees across LUKOIL Group in 2016

The key principle followed by LUKOIL management is to maintain an environmental and economic balance of production, environmental safety.


91.7% Associated petroleum gas utilization rate
52.5% Fold reduction of contaminated waste waters discharged into waters bodie
37% Reduction in the contaminated land area
82 ths. tn Excess of waste disposal over waste production

The priority of the personnel management policy of PJSC LUKOIL is

the creation of decent and safe working conditions
the introduction of a safe work culture
the protection of the lives and health of employees of LUKOIL Group entities
The LUKOIL Group employs over 100,000 employees
The number of young employees in Russia in 2016 totaled 43,800 persons
96.9% is the share of employees covered by collective agreements in Russia in 2016
69,600 persons the number of employees of the LUKOIL Group that completed training courses in 2016 totaled
6 Russian federal districts are covered by LUKOIL’s presence


Produces significant impact upon socio-economic development on the territories of its presence
Actively participates in addressing issues at the local level

Socially important programs and facilities:

Children’s institutions
Educational programs
Support of the IMN
Social and Cultural Projects Contest
Research and cultural establishments
Sports, etc.

The foreign subsidiaries of LUKOIL abide by its common principles in the field of corporate social responsibility addressing the needs of the local residents through implementation of social projects.

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