LUKOIL Group entities strictly abide by the anti-corruption laws of the Russian Federation and similar legislation in the other countries in which they operate. The Company is developing a corporate culture, and introducing rules and procedures that prevent corruption and corporate fraud.

Anti-corruption procedures are in place at all LUKOIL Group entities, including those based outside Russia. G4-SO4

LUKOIL Group entities, which are present or operate in the US, strictly abide by the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The entities have anti-corruption procedures in place which are compliant with legislation.

In addition to the Code of Business Conduct, the following documents are in force at PJSC LUKOIL:

  • Regulation on the Procedures for LUKOIL Group entities and their Employees in case of the Conflict of Interest;
  • Regulations on Insider Information of the Public Joint Stock Company LUKOIL Oil Company;
  • Regulations on Holding Tenders for the Selection of Suppliers and Contractors by the LUKOIL Group Entities;
  • The provision on the procurement commission, PJSC LUKOIL’s Directive on Measures to Ensure Economic Security at the LUKOIL Group, and other documents. DMA
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