Technological Development

LUKOIL is focused on generating ideas, searching for and using new technologies (including those specifically aimed at reducing the consumption of natural resources), materials and energy with the highest output possible. The achievement of this task is facilitated by the LUKOIL Group’s research and project complex, whose aim is to search for and introduce new technologies, increase the efficiency of project solutions, enhance technological competences and create a corporate knowledge base. The complex comprises of two head institutes with five branches across Russia. In total, the complex employs over 4,000 employees.

Under the President of PJSC LUKOIL, a Research and Technology Board was set up as a permanent collegiate advisory body. Its main objectives are to identify priority areas of scientific development for LUKOIL Group entities, to ensure the effective use of intellectual and research potential, and to reduce operational costs through, in particular, the introduction of innovative resource- and energy-saving technologies and technical processes.

The Company has adopted its 2017 research and technology coordination program of the LUKOIL Group, accommodating over 750 topics.

Financing of Research and Technology in the LUKOIL Group entities in Russia,
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