Forms of engagement

G4-26, G4-PR5

The process of interaction with stakeholders is carried out at all levels of the Company’s management. A wide range of mechanisms and forms of cooperation are used which correspond to the nature of the issues and the scope of the tasks being solved that are within the scope of mutual interests.

With some stakeholder groups (regional and federal authorities, trade unions, public and international organizations, families and communities of indigenous peoples, business partners), the Company builds relationships on the basis of cooperation or partnership agreements.

AA1000SES (2015) The Company acts in line with the Stakeholder engagement standard

Agreements are preceded by negotiations in which each party can state its position so that a mutually satisfying solution can be found. Fulfillment of obligations is monitored to give each party an opportunity to assess the results of engagement. The success of an agreement is, as a rule, discussed with stakeholders, both privately and at public events. G4-26

Surveys initiated by the Company are an effective feedback mechanism. For nearly 10 years, LUKOIL subsidiaries have conducted annual consumer satisfaction surveys. LUKOIL also studies the opinions of employees through opinion polls. G4-PR5


For the first time, in 2016, a survey was conducted of organizations with which the Company regularly interacts on the content and essential topics of the Sustainability Report.

The Company uses the following indicators to assess the success of its stakeholder engagement system:

  • number of proposals made (during dialogues, public hearings, surveys);
  • fulfillment of the Company’s obligations.
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