International Cooperation

The Company is party to a number of international projects that focus on the resolution of global problems of sustainable development, as well as social and humanitarian issues.

Partnerships for Youth Employment in the Commonwealth of Independent States

Since 2012, the Agreement between PJSC LUKOIL and the International Labor Organization has served as a basis for the international project Partnership for Youth Employment in the Commonwealth of Independent States, which involves nine Eastern European and Central Asian countries, including Russia. The project aims to improve domestic youth employment programs. It is being implemented most widely in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia. At the request of the participating countries, the project supports scientific research in areas that are of importance to them.

Caress the World global project

LUKOIL participates in Caress the World, a unique art project that seeks to promote peace and tolerance, bringing the Earth’s population together, and fostering mutual understanding between people of various ethnicities and cultures. The mobile exhibition set off in the North Pole and intends to pass through all 194 UN-country members before finishing its journey in the South Pole. Drawing support from partners all over the world, the project has already been to 30 countries.

In 2015, as part of the project, a work of art was installed in the Company’s head office in the form of a cube with a multitude of hands embracing the World and uniting all its inhabitants.

“For us, it is very symbolic… because we operate in dozens of countries today. And for me, personally, this installation is associated with the many countries to which we have extended the hand of friendship and have received, in return, a warm handshake”.
Vagit Alekperov, PJSC LUKOIL’s President
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