Innovative partnership

The LUKOIL Group is focused on establishing long-term cooperation with those who generate new ideas and are capable of becoming reliable suppliers - research institutes, universities and equipment producers, etc.

The internet portal has a register of technologies that are of interest to the Company in the areas of exploration, drilling, hydrocarbon development and production. All incoming proposals are reviewed by LUKOIL experts who give recommendations on whether to continue cooperation with creators of the most promising ideas and technologies. This reduces the time between first encountering a new idea or technology and its testing and introduction.

PJSC LUKOIL is drawing up a database of counterparties with information on positive partnership experience with LUKOIL Group entities.

Since 2014, LUKOIL has kept a Register of technologies that have successfully completed testing and have been recommended for commercial use at the Company’s fields. The Register includes technologies that have been tested at the Company’s industrial sites, many of which are already in use.

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