Cultural and historical heritage preservation

LUKOIL considers it an important public mission to promote Russian culture and art and to preserve it for future generations. The Company supports museums, theaters, philharmonic societies, art galleries, performance groups, both on a regular basis and under separate projects. Support of High Art is a priority.

The Company supports museums, theaters, philharmonic societies, art galleries, performance groups, both on a regular basis and under separate projects.

In 2015-2016 LUKOIL acted as a partner in the following exhibitions and projects:

  • In the Tretyakov State Gallery - Pavel Kuznetsov. Day-dreams. Tair Salakhov. High sun;
  • At the State Historical Museum - Saint Vladimir, Equal-to-the-Apostles, Festive clothing of the Russian peoples in the 19th–20th centuries;
  • At the Moscow Kremlin Museums:
    • The traveling exhibition, Tsar’s and Imperial Hunts from the collections of the Moscow Kremlin Museums at the P.M. Dogadin Astrakhan Gallery;
    • The traveling exhibition in Samara, “Honors of the Russian Empire”. From the collections of the Moscow Kremlin museums;
    • in the Russian museum – exhibitions: “Serov. Not a portrait painter”, “Silvester Shchedrin and the school of Posilippo”;
  • At the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts - “The Voices of André Malraux’s Imaginary Museum”; Funding was provided so as to set up an archive and perform a restoration of a collection of Sumerian cuneiform tablets.

With the aid of the LUKOIL Charity Foundation, assistance has been provided to:

  • V.M. and A.M. Vasnetsov Vyatka Region Museum of Fine Arts - to organize a number of exhibitions Her Majesty Collection dedicated to the 100th anniversary since foundation of the museum;
  • The A.N. Radishchev Saratov Museum - to purchase a painting by the artist V.A. Uchaev Encounter. My father and son. 1986-1987 and to publish the album “Russian avant-garde”. The capitals and province;
  • The I.I. Mashkov Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts - for the restoration of the painting “Portrait of a Lady in Black”. 17th century. Artist unknown;
  • The Kaliningrad Regional Museum of Amber – for the addition of two amber articles to the collection;
  • The Nizhny Novgorod State Museum of Arts - for the traveling exhibition from the collection of the Tretyakov State Gallery “At the Turn of the Century”;
  • P.M. Dogadin State Art Gallery in Astrakhan - for restoration of paintings in the main collection of the gallery;
  • A museum of samovars has been founded in Saratov.

The LUKOIL CF has supported a number of cultural events, and in particular:

  • the all-Russian music festival “Crescendo”;
  • the tour of the Youth Symphonic Orchestra of the Karelia Republic and the Urals Philharmonic Orchestra in Germany;
  • concerts of the Moscow Synodal Choir;
  • production of the opera “The Legend of the Invisible City of Kitezh and Maid Fevronia” by N. Rimsky-Korsakov at the Astrakhan State Theatre of Opera and Ballet;
  • The 4th Muslim Magomaev International Vocalists Contest;
  • The 10th International Vocalist Contest, “Amber Nightingale in Kaliningrad”;
  • the music festivals “Opera Live” and “See the Music”.

The Foundation continued to support the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra under the direction of V. Fedoseev, the P.I.Tchaikovsky Perm State Theater of Opera and Ballet, the Kaliningrad Region Philharmonic Society and its program “To the concert en famille!”.

The Company also supports the Chamber orchestra of Geneva on a multi-year basis. In the course of this lasting and fruitful partnership, the Company has become a notable participant of the key musical events of the region, including Christmas concerts.

One of the large projects of the reporting period was support of a new permanent exhibition “Northeast Passage” at the Fram museum in Oslo, Norway. The exhibition is dedicated to the historical cooperation between Russian and Norwegian explorers of the Arctic region in 18th-19th centuries. The exhibition materials have been collected with the participation of the Russian Geographic Society. Thus, LUKOIL keeps up the traditions of such cooperation, implementing joint projects with Norwegian partners in the Norwegian sector of the Barents Sea.

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