Corporate network of museums

The Company’s museum network comprises the PJSC LUKOIL Museum, founded in 2005, and over 25 museums of its subsidiaries in various Russian regions, Bulgaria and Romania. These are corporate museums, functioning as universal communication centers, keeping up the best traditions of the oil and gas industry.

Museum events and exhibitions are an essential part of the activities conducted by the museum network. PJSC LUKOIL Museum arranged over 20 temporary exhibitions in 2015-2016; among them - the 25th anniversary of PJSC LUKOIL, the 10th anniversary of OOO LLK International, The Energy of Victory (on the actions performed by oilmen in the Great Patriotic War (WWII), V.D. Shashin’s 100th birthday anniversary, the Youth Policy of the Company, The History of Oil and Gas Industry Awards, and many others.

The Company’s museum collection, with over 5,000 items, is, in the opinion of many experts, one of the country’s most sizeable themed collections. It documents various stages of the development of the oil and gas industry and is shows the history of its formation and its current state. Exhibits from LUKOIL’s museums were often used to illustrate textbooks, historic chronicles, books and magazine articles.

The excellent facilities at the Company’s museums makes it possible for them to be used as training centers for employees of all levels, schoolchildren and university students. Since 2010, the students of I.M. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas have regularly held classes in the Company’s Museum in order to study the history of the Russian oil and gas industry and corporate culture of oil and gas companies.

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