High quality industry-specific education

Over the years, the Company has been supporting secondary level education and higher education in Russia. The investments in this area are intended to address the following issues:

  • improve the facilities and the methodological framework of industry-specific institutions (higher education institutions and colleges) and modernize the educational process;
  • increase the interest in technical disciplines among schoolchildren;
  • offer more educational opportunities to children from orphanages;
  • participate in the implementation of state policy aimed at the improvement of professional education in the country.

Thanks to the Company’s support, the facilities and the educational foundations of industry-specific educational institutions have been significantly reinforced: new manuals have been published, and promising students and talented teachers have received support.

with 8 Russian higher education institutions in the sphere of oil, chemistry and energy the Company maintains long-term relationship

Interaction between the LUKOIL Group and Russian higher education institutions

The number of education institutions the Company collaborates with, both in Russia and abroad, continues to increase. In 2016, a Cooperation agreement was signed with Tyumen industrial university and Bukhara Oil and Gas Professional College. The Bukhara college is considered to be one of the core sites used to prepare and train future employees (primarily operating personnel) in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

A Long-standing cooperation relationship exists between LUKOIL and Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, in the area of research, engineering and education. In 2015, at a meeting jointly held by the Innovative Management Academic Department and the Task Team responsible for maintaining contacts with the university, the 2016–2018 Action Plan was approved.

Since 2013, multifunctional centers for applied oil-specific professions have been established by the Company. Their objective is to bridge the gap between the economic need for skilled workers and the real level of education they receive in the academic system.

Comprehensive program of cooperation between LUKOIL Group entities and industry-specific higher education institutions (oil, chemistry and energy)
Key Areas of Cooperation
  • career guidance for schoolchildren;
  • work with students in higher education;
  • training and development of LUKOIL Group entities and staff;
  • research and technology activities;
  • procurement activities.
Implementation mechanisms
  • set-up of educational organization departments at LUKOIL Group entities;
  • development of professional standards jointly with industry-specific educational organizations and changing educational standards based on them;
  • internships for students and on-the-job training for professors at LUKOIL entities;
  • participation of students and professors of higher education institutions in sci-tech contests and LUKOIL young specialists conferences, lectures by Company representatives at universities, etc.
In 2015-2016
New departments opened:
  • the specialized Oil and Gas Engineering department of Perm national polytechnic research university at OOO LUKOIL Engineering branch PermNIPIneft;
  • the specialized Innovative Well Construction Technologies department of Tyumen industrial university at OOO LUKOIL Engineering branch KogalymNIPIneft‘.

Lectures at educational institutions were delivered by representatives of ООО LLK International, OOO LUKOIL Engineering and AO RITEK

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