Since 2000, within the framework of the Charity program, the Company has been funding personal scholarships and grants to support talented students and young academic staff at oil-industry oriented or technical higher education institutions.

Scholarship program indicators in Russia
Indicator 2015 2016
Student grants
Scholarship holders, persons 185 185
Amount of financing, million RUB 5.6 5.3
Personal grants for academic staff
Grant holders, persons 80 80
Amount of financing, million RUB 9.7 8.4
The following higher education institutions have received assistance in the reporting period:
  • Saint-Petersburg State University - for the implementation of new research projects;
  • The Museum of Geology under the Russian Academy of Science - for the establishment of an Intercollegiate academic navigation center for mining and geology-specific professions;
  • M.V. Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) University - to equip the scientific library.
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