SIRIUS Education center

In 2016, the management of the Company decided to provide financial support to the SIRIUS Educational Center in Sochi, as its objectives are in line with the Company’s priorities in the area of educational development.

The objective of the SIRIUS Center is to single out gifted children who have demonstrated outstanding abilities in the area of art, sports, science and technical creative endeavors at an early stage. Every month SIRIUS receives 600 children, aged ten to seventeen, from several dozen Russian regions. They have been accompanied by over 100 teachers and coaches, who are given an opportunity to improve their competencies at the Center.

The children are taught and trained by leading teachers from schools specializing in sports, physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology, and also by well-known figures in Russian academic music, classical ballet and fine arts.

Образовательный Центр «Сириус»
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