Management approaches


The Company bases its interaction with the IMN on the principles of respect towards their rights, legitimate interests, ethnic and cultural uniqueness and traditions. The Company’s policy regarding the indigenous minorities of the North is set forth in the provisions of the contracts between PJSC LUKOIL and the autonomous areas. DMA

PJSC LUKOIL builds its relations with indigenous people on the basis of clauses contained in its license agreements, agreements on socio-economic development of regions and places with a dense population of indigenous minorities. The Company’s duties include such activities as:

  • compensation for environmental damage;
  • compensation for damages to the traditional natural resources utilized by the indigenous minorities of the North;
  • consultation with the indigenous population on the construction of facilities and exploration activities;
  • implementation of environmental protection measures;
  • provision of helicopters and vehicles for medical services and transportation of products for the indigenous minorities, and many other services.

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, prior to the launch of industrial projects, the subsidiaries hold public hearings to evaluate the environmental impact (EI) of the project, where the IMN can share their suggestions. The consent of the IMN to the implementation of hydrocarbon upstream projects is determined by EI procedures.

Departments for relations with indigenous people have been created in subsidiaries (or persons responsible have been appointed), by means of which complaints and suggestions can be submitted to the Company. From time to time, subsidiary employees undertake trips to nomad camps and national settlements so as to meet the indigenous people in person.

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