Rules of operation in the territories of traditional IMN residence


Prior to development, each field is studied by archeologists who run mandatory historic/cultural research. It is obligatory to obtain the consent of the indigenous population for planned development sites and geological exploration in order to avoid future conflicts at the planning stage and take into account the interests of all parties. G4-14

LUKOIL Group entities take steps to inform their employees and the employees of their contractors of the rules of conduct in the territories of traditional lifestyles and activities of the indigenous people so as to avoid conflict situations. At OOO LUKOIL West Siberia such activities are governed by Order No. 262 “On the measures limiting access to the territories of communal family lands”. The rules outline limitations of access to the territories of communal family lands for the purposes of wild crops harvesting, hunting, fishing and visits to nomad camps. It is also prohibited to keep dogs and to tame dogs. Air transportation over nomad camps, deer calving locations and pasture is to be avoided.

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