Social entrepreneurship

“More than just a Purchase!”, a partnership project of LUKOIL and “Our Future Foundation”, a Regional Social Program Foundation, is a unique initiative aimed at solving pressing social problems, and creating opportunities for socially disadvantaged groups to find jobs and improve their lives.

Convenience stores at filling stations offer goods manufactured by social entrepreneurs. Assisting small business start-ups and ensuring a distribution channel for their products, the Our Future Foundation and LUKOIL help social enterprises to attain financial stability. As a result, they can offer jobs to a greater number of people including mothers of large families, the elderly, the physically impaired, graduates of childcare institutions, etc.

The first point of sale offering the products of social entrepreneurs was opened in 2014. Over the three years the project has been running, the number of filling stations participating in the project has increased and the variety of products on offer has been extended.

At present, over 20 social enterprises take part in the project. They manufacture souvenirs, popular craftwork items, homewares from natural raw materials and foodstuffs. For instance, in the Nizhny Novgorod Region, LUKOIL filling stations offer Khokhloma painted wares, products of the social projects “Naive? Quite so!” and “It’s easy to help” and other goods.

By buying them, customers of LUKOIL filling stations, together with the Company, support social entrepreneurship and help people solve problems through their own resources. Taking into account the extensive geography of the LUKOIL filling station network, the idea of social entrepreneurship is gradually spreading across the whole of Russia.

“Since the official launch of “More than just a purchase” in Kaliningrad, together with LUKOIL, we initially expanded the project to 11 other stations, and now our stands are present at 16 filling stations in Kaliningrad and the surrounding region”.
Yevgeny Rakhnovsky, deputy director of Charity and Social Projects Department of Our Future Foundation
The geography of “More than just a Purchase” program
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