Industrial environmental control system operating at offshore fields DMA


LUKOIL has an extensive track record of offshore field development, and the operation of its offshore terminal, three production rigs and submerged pipelines has been accident-free.

LUKOIL is the first Russian company to commence commercial production of hydrocarbons at its Baltic offshore fields.

The company uses advanced technologies to ensure environmental safety, investing significant funds in this direction. The industrial environmental control system that is in place at its offshore facilities helps assess their environmental impact in a timely manner. The innovation of IEC lies in the comprehensive observation of all natural and natural/man-made environments at all stages of the life cycle of the facility, including the pre-construction stage. In addition to observations, experimental work is also carried out.

The Company has been abiding by the “zero discharge” principle from the very beginning of production at its offshore fields. These practices received praise from the international community.

The URL features annual IEC reports for Kravtsovskoe field (Baltic) and Korchagin (Caspian) field, and the Varandey Terminal (Barents Sea).

  • Drilling of wells in the Northern Caspian is carried out using an oil-free mud and, as a result, excess mud and sludge do not contain petroleum hydrocarbons.
  • Its offshore facilities and sites are subject to continuous satellite monitoring.

The independent research contractors who were involved include NIC Yugraneftegaz and the Shirshov Institute of Oceanology. A total of eight research organizations and higher education institutions contribute to the monitoring of the Baltic Sea.

LUKOIL completed the construction of the first ever and northernmost Russian offshore oil terminal, Varandey, on the Barents shore.

Offshore field development projects factor in environmental safety measures and compensation of damages caused to the environment, at 15% of the total capital investment.

Partner Projects

For many years PJSC LUKOIL, represented by its President and CEO V.Yu. Alekperov, has been sitting on the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society. During the course of this cooperation, the partner entity completed numerous research and awareness-building projects, including:

  • research of the coastal waters and coastline of the northern Kola Bay and mapping of the areas sensitive to oil spills across the entire Bay;
  • creation of the “Geo-Russia” website;
  • “The Rivers and Mountains of the Urals Region: the experience of creating descriptive and geographical map of the region”;
  • “Preservation of the Amur Tiger in Central Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve”.
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