Health and Safety

The key areas of LUKOIL Group’s health and safety focus include:

  • Improve health, safety, and fire safety management practices, as well as the regulatory and organizational framework;
  • Ensure emergency prevention and response;
  • Provide training to personnel and hold drills;
  • Make sure that the goals are accomplished using cutting-edge scientific and technical solutions.

To keep the LUKOIL Group entities prepared for potential emergencies, in 2015 and 2016, the Company’s facilities held 445 exercises, of which over 280 exercises dealt with response to simulated oil spills, and over 27,000 facility-specific drills, engaging over 110,000 personnel. The biggest exercises included:

  • The comprehensive exercise “Kaliningrad-2015” trained both its own and contract personnel in the area adjacent to the offshore ice-resistant platform;
  • In June 2016, an international comprehensive exercise (featuring Finnish rescue boats) responding to a simulated oil spill in the offshore area of AO RPK-Vysotsk LUKOIL-II (OOO LUKOIL-Trans);
  • The comprehensive exercises “Caspian-2015” and “Caspian-2016”, focusing on the elimination of gas and oil shows at the Korchagin field and a response to an “emergency spill” at Filanovsky.

Most of the focus was on quick-response training in case of potential emergencies at offshore facilities with a high environmental hazard.

Training of the personnel operating at the LUKOIL Group’s offshore oil and gas facilities is the responsibility of LUKOIL’s specialized Corporate Training Center situated in the Astrakhan Region. The occupational and personal safety skills required in the course of offshore operations are developed using one-of-a-kind simulators under realistic training conditions.

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