General Information


  1. observance of fundamental labor principles and rights
  2. compliance with the labor law of the Russian Federation or the countries where the company is present
  3. creation of favorable conditions for the social protection of employees and workforce stability

2015–2016 results

  • A project to modernize the corporate distance learning system resulted in many-fold increase in the number of courses completed.
  • Pilot projects aimed at the launch of a new personnel health management system have been implemented.
  • Representatives of the Company took part in the development of professional standards in the field of “Extraction, Processing and Transportation of Oil and Gas.”
  • The implementation of professional standards in accordance with Federal Law No. FZ-122 of May 2, 2015 has been initiated.
  • PJSC LUKOIL introduced a working group to create and develop a Corporate Professional Competences System and a Qualification Assessment Center.
Ratings and Awards

An Award
from the 2015 e-course competition set up by the e-Learning center company (as part of the “Art of Course Development” e-learning conference)

An Award
for the “Contribution to the Development of the National Qualification System in the Oil and Gas Industry” from the Ministry of Energy of Russia

Plans for the Future

  • Implement measures set out in the LUKOIL Group’s 2017–2019 Program of Health and Safety, Better Working Environment, Emergency Prevention and Response.
  • Roll out the corporate integrated ICS “Personnel” software system in LUKOIL Group entities.
  • Advance the “SAP ERP HR Based Personnel Assessment and Development System” project.
  • Organize the activities of the Qualification Assessment Center and develop the methodological foundation of independent qualification assessment. Obtain the authority to assess qualifications at the Oil and Gas Industry Professional Qualification Council.
  • Implement mobile learning techniques and increase the capacity of the current remote learning courses.
  • Develop a corporate knowledge management policy.
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