Opportunities: personnel development

For the Company, investing in its personnel means investing in the future: properly trained human resources are at the core of the Company’s sustainable development outlook. LUKOIL is building a corporate system of personnel training and development while also partnering with major industry-specific universities and other educational institutions, helping to improve the quality of education across Russia and its regions of presence.

Talent Pool

The Talent Pool program provides employees with opportunities to embark on personal and career growth and to master new skills and knowledge that meet the current needs of the oil and gas industry.

Eligibility criteria for employees to be included in the talent pool for management positions and the talent pool of subsidiaries include performance, professionalism, business skills and potential capabilities to act as managers, including those identified through performance assessment exercises.

The composition of the talent pool for management positions (421 people) and talent pool of PJSC LUKOIL (321 people) was approved for the period from August 2, 2016 to August 1, 2019. Also, there are talent pools to fill management positions across all subsidiaries.

Each employee included in the talent pool has an individual development plan for a period of three years, with an annual review of performance. The individual plan can be adjusted and amended when needed and in response to business requirements. The fulfillment of individual development plans is overseen by Vice Presidents of PJSC LUKOIL and heads of subsidiaries.

Employees in talent pools receive training in managerial and corporate competencies at the best Russian and international universities and training centers, using a wide range of learning tools available today, including training sessions, MBA programs, conferences, symposiums, projects, and internships.


The Company emphasizes the importance of internships, or on-the-job training, viewing those as opportunities for employees to obtain hands-on experience in the latest production processes, gain new knowledge, and enhance their creative approach. The internship schedule for the year is prepared annually in August and September. Employees who were unable to undergo their scheduled internship due to unforeseen circumstances can re-apply the next year. An unscheduled internship is also possible, subject to approval from the entity that provides it.

In 2015 and 2016, more than 2,100 employees of LUKOIL Group entities submitted applications for internships, a 17% increase compared to 2013 and 2014.

In the reporting period, internships were held at Finland’s Fortum as a way to look into energy asset management practices. Agreements were reached with the management of Chevron and Neste to exchange best practices.

Training local staff abroad

LUKOIL and its employees can boast of unique competencies and experience in oil processing. To this end, Kazakhstan’s KazMunayGas initiated on-the-job training of its Atyrau Refinery’s personnel at OOO LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez in 2016.

In 2016, LUKOIL entities and other training centers in Russia started providing training to employees of the Kandym Gas Processing Complex, which is under construction in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The project will help the successful completion of the Kandym project and improve the professional skills of local staff in using the latest equipment.

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