Monitoring and Control


Health and safety (hereinafter – HS) monitoring is conducted by trade union health and safety officers, managers and specialists in subsidiaries, technical labor inspectors and HS unit employees.

IATUO is an equal partner in policy implementation. Together with the top management of the Company and its subsidiaries, the trade union organization exercises administrative and public oversight of personnel health and ensures safe working conditions. Legal and technical IATUO employment inspectorates, including public (freelance) legal inspectors of employment matters representing trade union organizations, as well as over 2,600 trade union health and safety officers, monitor the observance of labor legislation, the working conditions of employees, ensure their legal protection and create a collegial work culture The structure of the Technical Labor Inspectorate is shown at the IATUO
. G4-LA5

The trade union association runs an annual contest for the “Best Health and Safety Officer” Award. During the reporting period, 125 people at LUKOIL received this award. Four of them were named best HS officers of the Russian Oil, Gas, and Construction Workers’ Trade Union.

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