The Program and Corporate Standards

CPI 3.1.9

During the reporting period, under the 2011–2015 Program of Health and Safety, Better Working Environment, Emergency Prevention and Response, measures were implemented with the overall financing of around 40 billion RUB. In 2015 10,262 million RUB were allocated for the Program’s implementation. In 2016, the expenses for HSE events amounted to 9,288 million RUB. CPI 3.1.9

Since 2017, the LUKOIL Group’s 2017–2019 Approved on January 13, 2017. Program of Health and Safety, Better Working Environment, Emergency Prevention and Response has been applied.

The comprehensive key performance indicator ”Ensuring the Required Level of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection in LUKOIL Group Entities” is applied at the Corporate Center and subsidiaries both in Russia and abroad For more information about the indicator see Section “Strategy and Management”..

Cost Structure for Occupational, Industrial and Fire Safety in Russia, million RUB CPI 3.1.9
Program Section Implementation Costs
2015 2016 The 2016 total amount includes expenses of OOO LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company LLC, and LUKOIL MID-EAST Ltd.
Make sure that the challenges are resolved using cutting-edge scientific and technical solutions 6.08 13.2
Develop occupational safety awareness among the employees of LUKOIL Group entities, educate, train and upgrade the employees’ HSE skills 335.6 329.8
Bring the workplaces in LUKOIL Group entities in line with regulatory requirements 312.2 359.8
Provide personnel with personal protective equipment and appropriate sanitary and disease prevention conditions 1,566.4 1,696.4
Arrange a healthcare scheme for the employees of LUKOIL Group entities in compliance with national and corporate standards 650.9 742.8
Improve industrial and fire safety management practices, regulatory and organizational support 422.5 442.5
Ensure emergency prevention and response 4,021.8 4,315.6
Bring the facilities of LUKOIL Group entities in line with the regulatory industrial, fire safety and health requirements 2,946.5 1,388.1
Total, the LUKOIL Group entities 10,262.0 9,288.2
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