Management Approach DMA

The Company has unified personnel policy principles that apply to all its subsidiaries:
Equal opportunities
for all candidates that meet the Company’s skill requirements
Priority to local residents
in hiring
Maintaining teams
and the Company’s core, highly skilled personnel
corporate culture

The Company’s personnel requirements are aligned with its strategic goals and are subject to annual reviews, with the goal of making sure all LUKOIL Group entities have the staff they required.

A system is being developed to provide key personnel to the LUKOIL Group’s assets and projects, with the aim of identifying current and future needs and plan professional development of employees across the key competencies. Key recruitment activities include:

  • partnership programs with schools and universities; setting up dedicated training departments and educational centers in the Russian regions where LUKOIL is present;
  • succession pool and further training for executives;
  • training programs for various categories of staff;
  • recruiting professionals in the external market.
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