Mechanisms of employee appeals

DMA, G4-LA16

Employees are given an opportunity to address the employer directly or through independent trade union channels. DMA, G4-LA16

The employees, even if they are not trade union members, can address, either in writing or verbally, their trade union organization or IATUO, for example, through the IATUO website. Any concerns an employee may have are investigated, which may include the participation of representatives of the employer. The employee is always notified of the progress of the investigation and its resolution. The most complex issues identified by employees are considered by a working group or a committee.

Any employee of the Company (including employees of foreign assets) may also communicate with the Company’s management through regular mail, a helpline, a feedback form or via their personal account on the corporate portal. Analysis of the requests received through these various channels makes it possible to take a quick managerial decision with regard to the issues raised.

Complaints received from employees or labor organizations which are related to the activities of the Company or its employees are subject to mandatory investigation and review in specialized divisions. Following the investigation and review process, a judgement is reached regarding the veracity of the complaint. Should violations of regulations or corporate policy be discovered, the head of the LUKOIL Group entity where the violation was committed receives recommendations on measures to eliminate the violations and provide feedback to the complainants.

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