Interaction with trade unions


The key social partner of the Company is the International Association of Trade Union Organizations of PJSC LUKOIL (IATUO) uniting the trade union organizations operating in the LUKOIL Group entities located in Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Serbia. GC-3 DMA

The number of trade union members in foreign entities in 2016 was 12,363 employees As for the foreign assets, collective agreements were signed with ZAO “LUKOIL-Azerbaijan”, “LUKOIL-Moldova” S.R.L., “LUKOIL Neftokhim Burgas AD, “LUKOIL Energia and Gas Bulgaria” EOOD, “LUKOIL-BULGARIA” EOOD, “LUKOIL Aviation Bulgaria” EOOD, PETROTEL-LUKOIL S.A., S.C. LUKOIL-ROMANIA S.R.L., LUKOIL SERBIA AD Belgrade S.C., “LUKOIL ENERGY & GAS ROMANIA” S.R.L. and IOOO “LUKOIL-Belarus”.. The number of IATUO members among foreign trade union organizations is growing. In 2015, a cooperation agreement was signed with the Association of LUKOIL trade union organizations in Romania and IOOO LUKOIL-Belarus established a trade union organization that joined IATUO.

The representatives of foreign trade union organizations attend meetings of the IATUO Council regularly as associated members and discuss practical issues, including those related to the observance and protection of the rights and interests of employees based on respective local legislation.

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