Training DMA

DMA, G4-LA9,
CPI 3.1.11, G4-LA10

LUKOIL Group entities use a wide range of training tools available today, including seminars, training sessions, internships, remote learning, and university education programs. Training is provided using both the Company’s in-house training centers and third-party educational facilities. In the reporting period, opportunities to improve skills and enhance competencies were made available to more than half of the employees at LUKOIL Group entities in Russia and abroad.

69.6 thousand employees of LUKOIL Group completed trainings in 2016
Number of employees who received training, total for LUKOIL Group G4-LA9
Indicator 2015 2016
Number of employees who received training, persons, including: 60,300 69,571
Managers, administrative staff, employees 26,042
employees 34,258
Share of employees who received training in total headcount, % 57 66.5
Note. As a result of changes in the annual reporting forms, methodology information on training in 2016 with a breakdown by employee category is unavailable; training data is currently being collected with a breakdown by category. Data on managers, experts and other employees pursuing second university degrees was no longer taken into account, and data on workers who attended advisory workshops, awareness seminars and received distance learning was introduced in the records.
Expenses on training and development of LUKOIL Group entities staff CPI 3.1.11
Russian entities of LUKOIL Group, million RUB
Foreign entities of LUKOIL Group, million USD

Remote Learning

2015 and 2016 saw a major rise in the number of employees covered by the remote learning system (almost a seven-fold increase compared to 2014), driven by the development of e-learning based on the latest IT technologies. G4-LA10

In 2016, 56 LUKOIL Group entities joined the remote learning system, with more than 93,000 registered users. Over 68,000 e-learning courses were successfully completed throughout 2016.

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