Corporate Knowledge Management System

The corporate knowledge management system ensures the exchange of professional experience and knowledge among employees and entities of the LUKOIL Group (the system covers more than 10,000 employees, with 240 expert communities in place). Young professionals and other employees grow and develop as they work alongside renowned corporate experts. The system brings people into communities and networks, offers access to external knowledge and experience, helps retain knowledge, create and spread best practices and also jointly implement development projects.

Number of employees who received training under corporate programs in 2016, across LUKOIL Group entities
Executive MBA “Oil and Gas Business Management. The Manager of Today” 32
“Head of Oil and Gas Upstream Unit – 2015” (new) 61
Specialized training programs for drilling professionals (developed together with the Tyumen Industrial University, Schlumberger Logelco Inc. and Halliburton International) 101
“Days of Professional Training for Managers” (twice a year) 100% of managers of subsidiaries

Professional development through the corporate training and development system has a positive impact on employee efficiency, enhancing the HR potential of the Company in general and enabling it to address issues related to new business areas while always staying competitive.

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