Youth Policy

Creating opportunities for young people is among LUKOIL’s strategic activities in sustainable development and is being implemented both in Russia and worldwide. The goal is to assist them in obtaining a quality education and to quickly adjust to the real needs of today’s production facilities in order to create the basis for successful employment in the industry.

The LUKOIL Group has the Comprehensive Target Program for Youth Outreach for 2008–2017 with the following goals.

Goals of the Comprehensive Target Program for Youth Outreach for 2008–2017
ongoing recruitment of young qualified professionals
reduction in the turnover of young professionals
improved corporate culture and motivation of young employees to excel in their jobs and to grow professionally

Key areas of engaging young professionals

Forum of Young Employees of LUKOIL Group entities

In April 2016, the Company held the 3rd Forum of Young Employees of LUKOIL Group entities, which brought together 300 young employees and professionals from 55 subsidiaries. The forum included roundtable discussions on a variety of business segments, which involved managers of the Company as well as its longest-serving employees. The final day of the forum was marked by a meeting with PJSC LUKOIL’s President, Vagit Alekperov, who responded to questions asked by young employees and presented awards to those who made a significant contribution to the growth of the corporate youth movement.

300 young employees and professionals took part in the Forum of Young Employees of LUKOIL Group entities in 2016

R&D competitions and conferences

R&D competitions and conferences are held on an annual basis. In 2015, they were held in 29 entities of LUKOIL Group and in 2016, in 26 entities. Young professionals also took part in the second and third All-Russian “New Idea” competition for the best technical development, which is held under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Energy. Over the last two years, 81 applications have been submitted to the contest, with 17 of them eventually winning.

Councils of Young Professionals

These associations aim to help young employees to familiarize themselves with the requirements of the Company. Councils meet to discuss important matters and develop joint projects. Off-site meetings of the Council of Young Professionals of LUKOIL Group are held annually in Russian regions. In 2015, the event was hosted by Saint-Petersburg’s OOO LUKOIL-Severo-Zapadnefteprodukt and in 2016 it was held at PJSC LUKOIL in Moscow.

Young Professionals Day

The Young Professionals Day is an annual event. In 2015 and 2016, the program included a team-building activity that involved 150 young employees from LUKOIL Group entities in the Moscow region. A similar event in line with LUKOIL Group’s Comprehensive Target Program for Youth Outreach for 2008–2017 is held across many subsidiaries.

Assisting young professionals and employees in organizing their leisure is an important component of corporate culture. Young professionals actively engage in sporting events such as LUKOIL’s Ski Trail or Dad, Mom and Me – We’re a Sporting Family. Other important activities include volunteer events held to aid orphanages.

Efforts targeting young professionals in Russia
Indicator 2015 2016
Total number of young employees, persons 26,275 43,787
Number of young professionals, persons 2,097 2,013
Number of young employees recruited, persons 9,281 12,879
including young professionals, persons 914 817
Number of students who study under agreements signed by LUKOIL Group entities, persons 344 345
Number of students who received on-the-job training at LUKOIL Group entities, persons 2,950 3,000
Note. In accordance with the industry-wide agreement of organizations operating in the oil and gas industry, construction of oil and gas infrastructure in the Russian Federation for 2014–2016 Extended until December 31, 2019. , the Company defines a young employee as an employee aged under 35. A similar criterion for young employees is also set forth by the agreement between the employer and LUKOIL’s Association of Trade Unions for 2015–2017.

Results of the 10th and 11th Russia’s Young Professional of the Year Contests

Number of participants, persons

Number of winners, persons
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